Nursing: Get a Strong Foundation


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Once you have a strong foundation of experience in basic nursing care for adults, you can branch out into more specialized care, and you will have more options to go anywhere in your career.  You will always have the confidence that you have developed skills and seen and done a wide variety of procedures successfully.  If you don’t have this opportunity, opt for the most general experience you can get in your area.  Mo matter how much experience you may have gained in school, a good solid foundation as a generalist will give you the tools to build your career in any area of nursing.  This is important to consider when studying how to become a nurse.

One of the reasons most nurses leave nursing is because of burnout and feeling trapped with nowhere to go because they are so specialized and making a change would take too much re-education.  This seems to be true for those wishing to move from something like pediatrics into adult care.

A general background will give yo both the experience and the credibility to be able to move literally and to move upward.  The additional advantage is that even after a long career in a high specialized area, most nurses with a strong generalist foundation will find the courage to move into a whole new realm much more often that those who headed straight to their specialty area after graduation and stayed there for ten years.  These nurses tend to feel trapped because they have been pigeonholed and don’t have a general background to fall back on.  The nurse with the general med-surgical background has many opportunities to move directly out of the hospital into areas such as clinics, home health, and case management.  With some additional training or an internship in a specialized area, nurses can move into a multitude of areas such as; ICU, pediatrics, rehab, oncology, women’s health and clinical trials.

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