Breast Feeding Can Prevent Major Health Care Risks


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Breastfeeding is good for mother’s and babies.  There are many important benefits in the short and long term for both mother and child.  So, before you opt for formula and bottles, consider the benefits that nursing can have for you and your baby’s health.  I learned this at Midwife F.A.Q.

I can’t think of any parent who would want their child to have health problems.  One of the best ways of helping to prevent potential health care risks is by breastfeeding for at least nine months.  Of course, nursing for the first twelve months is ideal for baby.  Respiratory infections are reduced for children up to 7 years of age if they are breastfed for at least 15 weeks.  Parents with a family history of asthma should seriously consider mother’s milk exclusively for the first 15 weeks.

Babies that are breast fed have fewer incidences of dental caries compared to babies that are bottle fed.  Also, adults who were breast fed may have better cholesterol levels as adults.  Type 2 diabetes in adults may be reduced if the adult was exclusively breastfed for at least two months.

Mothers who breast feed reduce their risk for breast and ovarian cancer during the pre-menopausal period.  Hip fractures and osteoporosis are also reduced during the post-menopausal period as well as the risk of type 2 diabetes to young and middle-aged women who have lactated.

Breast feeding definitely provides many health benefits to mother and child and should be considered over artificial formulas if the opportunity to breastfeed is exists.

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