Salary Expectations for Nuclear Medicine


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As it is with more than one allied health field, the nuclear medicine salary is determined by a lot of factors.  These factors are what are considered when a nuclear technician’s salary is being discussed upon hire.  If you are wondering what you can expect to earn if you choose to enter the allied health field of nuclear technician, the information below is going to give the information that you are looking for.
•    Entry Level – The national average in the United States for a nuclear technician that has anywhere from 1-4 years experience is from $40,834 -$65,985.
•    Middle Level – For someone in the United States with 5-9 years experience is anywhere from $54,653 – $80,165.
•    Advanced Level – For a nuclear technician who has ten to twenty years’ experience goes anywhere from $59.796-$77,143.
•    Geography is another factor which can help to determine a nuclear technician’s salary.  When someone is employed in a larger city, like Boston or Miami, they have a good chance to earn more money.  For example, in Miami last year the salary ranged from $66,000 – $138,500.  In Boston, the salaries ranged from $57,391-$95,833.
Along with having a good salary, nuclear technicians are very high in demand.  The growth rate is supposed to continue from now until the year 2016.  If you are looking for a good job that you can make a lot of money with and that has some lasting power, choosing the allied health field of nuclear technician may be a good idea for you.

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