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pharmacy technicianOne of the most necessary an important allied health careers that you can choose is that of a pharmacy technician.  These people are an essential part of any pharmacy, whether it is in a standalone pharmacy or a pharmacy in store or a hospital, making it a one of the most wide spread allied health careers in the United States.
Some of the duties of a pharmacy technician are:
•    Preparing the claim forms for insurance
•    Maintaining the profiles of patients
•    Completing transactions at the cash register
•    Answering the telephone
•    Inventorying medications which are sold over the counter
•    Knowing what the latest medications are and whether or not they are available.
•    Retrieving orders for prescriptions
•    Weighing, pouring, measuring, and counting medications and tablets
•    Mixing medicine
•    Choosing a correct container for a prescription
•    Making labels for prescriptions
Some of the places that people in this one of the most sought after allied health careers are:
•    Medical shops
•    Hospitals
•    Mail order or retail pharmacies
•    Personal and health care shops
•    Nursing homes
•    Facilities that provide assisted living
Another reason that people like about this allied health career is that it doesn’t take very long at all to become a pharmacy technician- anywhere from six months to two years..    There is also flexibility in this career – some pharmacy technicians work full time or part time, and sometimes they are required to work either on the weekend or overnight.
If you are looking at different allied health careers, you might enjoy becoming a pharmacy technician and making a difference in a pharmacy near you.

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