Massage Therapy and Cancer


Posted on 4th October 2010 by admin in Uncategorized

I first became interest in massaging cancer patients when a friend’s mother was dying of cancer.  She felt isolated, frightened and anxious, and massage was able to calm her down almost miraculously.   She had a nurse who who felt powerless to help her, and who just sat reading the next room, thoroughly bored.   Had the nurse been able to massage her patient, both of them would have benefited.  The dying woman would have felt comforted, her tension and anxiety would have been relieved.  The nurse would have felt happier at being able to give some positive help.  It was this situation that made me decide to work in the British National Health Service and teach nurses how to massage so that everyone could benefit.  People who are really ill often feel very isolated and lonely. A massage and caring touch can make all the difference in the world.  There are no special techniques for massaging cancer patients:  any type of massage or touch is comforting.  Touch is  a way of expressing concern and sympathy, and induces warmth and relaxation, which can help ease pain.

Furthermore, many people come to the beautiful Island of Kaua’i to heal.  Much is unknown about cancer and how to cure it.  It is a widely accepted opinion that many diseases can be cured holistically.  Diet and massage are just the beginning of many wonderful things one can do to manage pain, prevent disease, and heal from the insides out.  One Massage therapist, Kaui I highly recommend is Aloha Massage.  Please come to our island and let us treat you to the Aloha spirit that heals.