A Special Allied Health Field – The Field of Veterinary Technician


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Do you love animals? Do you want to help them and assist a veterinarian in making them better? Then maybe you might want to look into the allied health field of veterinary assistant.  If you choose to study this particular allied health field of how to become a veterinary technician, then some of your duties would be:

•    Examine the animals and give them food and water
•    Disinfect and clean the work areas and cages
•    Sterilize the surgical and laboratory equipment
•    Provide care after an operation
•    Administer topical or oral medication
•    Prepare any samples for the laboratory to examine while being supervised by either a veterinary tech or a veterinarian
One of the nice things about being a veterinary assistant is that you don’t have to have any formal training – a lot of your training is going to be done on the job.   It’s the perfect job for someone who loves animals and this allied health field promises to continue to grow for the next six years.
If you are intrigued about this allied health field, you might be interested to know that three years ago, the average salary for a veterinary assistant was more than $20,000.
Veterinary assistants are a big part of the veterinary field and they are someone that veterinarians cannot do without. Whether they are helping with a birth, helping care for an animal after surgery, or preparing necessary samples for the laboratory, veterinary assistants are there to give the animals that they care for comfort and care.   It takes a special person to go into this particular allied health field.

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