How to Become a Pharmacy Technician: Teaching Patients about Drugs


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A critical part of being a pharmacy technician is the responsibility of educating the patient and the patient’s caregiver or family about the medication that is administered to the patient or that is self administered by the patient.  Teching should be conducted in a common language that is understood by all present, and in a comfortable environment.  Always use any available appropriate charts, graphs, audio, and videotapes as necessary.  Always take the time for questions and answers.  Try to avoid rushing even if there is a long line.  If the information cannot be presented fully and clearly in one session, plan another session in the future.  It is always a good idea to give patient and family members materials that they can take home and review at their own pace.  It is very important that written information be at a reading level that can be understood completely by all.  Sometimes demonstrations how to administer a medication is helpful to a patient and its family.  Show proper injections techniques if the patient requires insulin injections or the correct use of broncholdilator inhalers for asthma.  Don’t assume that they can administer the medication after seeing you do it.  Make sure to have the patient and family members shouw you back, how they plan to give the medication.  this is especially critical when medication is given using a inhalers, topical drugs, or syringes.  The patient and any cargivers must have visual acutiy, mental capacity and manual dexterity to prepare and administer medication.  Always encourage interaction and prompt any questions the family members, the caretaker, or the patient might have.

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