How To Become a Massage Therapist: Basic Techniques


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The wonderful thing about massage is that it is an easy technique to helping someone feel good, and once you have mastered a few basic movements, you can give a complete body massage.  Most other techniques used in a massage are simply variations on the movements I will describe in the next couple of blogs.  The first movement is called stroking.

Stroking – The rhythmic, flowing movement of stroking form the basis of a massage and establish the initial caring contact.  Stroking is used on almost all areas of the body.  It is the technique you will most likely use the most.  There are many types of stroking and we will outline all of them as well; but use stroking to apply the oil and to link together the other movements.  If ever you can’t think of what to do next in the massage….just pause while stroking.  You can do a whole body massage just using stroking movements and creating a variety of interest simply by changing the speed and pressure of the strokes.  Slow movements are calming and brisk movements are stimulating.  Stroking improves the circulation, relaxes tense muscles, and soothes jangled nerves.  Accompanied with the most basic massage technique of stroking, be sure to relax yourself so your movement and hands can pick up a flow.  There are different types of stroking that will be covered tomorrow; namely fan stroking, circle stroking, cat stroking, and thumb stroking.  Massage is one of the oldest quickest ways to feel good.  In fact, I wish I had someone to massage me after writing this blog!

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