Caffiene…A LOVE hate relationship


Posted on 28th July 2010 by admin in Uncategorized

Why do we drink so much caffeine in the world?  I quit drinking coffee and have had a headache for three days straight.  The first day I felt like I had a horrible flu along with the headache….zero energy.  Day 2 found me with an insatiable appetite for sugar, and fatty foods….now I am on day 3.  Caved in at lunch and had some iced tea, but seriously….three days of headaches?  Maybe you do It for energy, maybe because you’ve heard that caffeine enhances your workout performance and helps burn fat.  Its true that caffeine in moderate doses can elevate the metabolism, but non-organic coffee isn’t going to give you any fat burning effects.  It also doesn’t apply to caffeine that has been paired with pesticides and other chemicals….or sugar….or milk…..its funny how addiction works.  I was thinking to myself offhandedly today how I just have to get over the addiction and then I can start drinking it again….WHAT????  I yelled at myself…….I never want to go through this again!  NO MORE COFFEE, RED BULL, DIET COKES…..
When Caffeine is abused (like how I do it),  it damages your metabolism and hormone balance.  Caffeine stimulates your central nervous system, which makes your endocrine system think that you are threatened in some way.  With that third cup of coffee at your desk each day, you kick your body into fight or flight model while you’re just checking that days e-mails.  Your adrenals pump out epinephrine and non-epinephrine.  These two stress hormones set into motion a cascade of fattening hormonal actions:  Your liver releases blood sugar for quick energy, your pancreas spits out insulin to counter the sugar, your blood sugar dips because the insulin’s actions.  Also your blood vessels constrict making you feel like your blood sugar is dipping even further so you head for the vending machine.  Ever notice how you crave something sweet between the first and second cup of coffee?  That’s your body reacting to this sudden feeling of blood sugar shortage.  The acids in one cup of coffee will elevate your cortisol for up to fourteen hours.  Now, if you sip caffeinated drinks all day, you switch on your stress reaction over and over – your short term energy burns out, you grab another cup of coffee repeat the hormonal cycle again, and effectively turn yourself into an addict.

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