Pharmacy Technician


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pharmacology is the science of drugs and includes the study of their origin, ingredients, uses, and actions on the body.  A drug is a substance that alters the body’s functions when taken into the body.  Medications are drugs used in medicine to prevent or treat disease or medical conditions.  In medicine the words drug and medication are often used interchangeably.  This chapter describes the basics of medication information, action, and administration.  Specific medications and their indications, contradictions, routes, doses and side effects are discussed when studying to be a pharmacy technician, along with the conditions for which the medications are used.  It is important that a pharmacy technician explains to patients about how much, when, and the method that each medication be administered.  Just as medications can save a person’s life, they can kill someone who took their medication incorrectly as well.  If the wrong medication is administered, the wrong dose of the right medication or the right medication at the wrong time, this can be a life threatening action.  When working in any allied health field, medications are a part of the job, so take care when it comes into play with any patient.  There are many types of medications and sometimes medications can even interact negatively with other medications.  Not only is it important to administer medication correctly, but it is also very important to make sure that any other medications that a patient is on, will not be a problem.  Pharmacy technicians learn all about precautions, and remedies dealing with the field of medicine.  This is a promising allied health field.

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