How to Deal with Menopause Symptoms Naturally?


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Want to feel young in your fifties? There are several ways to help you during the menopausal period. So let's review them precisely to get to know more. Ready to figure it out?

So how to deal with the menopausal symptoms?

  1. Consume food rich in Vitamin D and Calcium
    Due to the fact that during the menopausal period the bones are becoming weaker and weaker, it is better for you to begin to eat more food that is rich in Calcium. Also, the risk of hip fractures becomes higher. Therefore, the doctors recommend eating food with Vitamin D. For instance, you might drink milk, yogurt and eat spinach, cheese, and beans.
  2. Be physically active
               At the age between 40 and 50, many women face an increase in fat mass on the waist. The experts say it might lead to diabetes. Therefore, keeping your body mass index in the norm should be a must for women of this age group. They say that exercising, going to the gym, and other physical activities should be a priority for women with menopause symptoms.
  3. Eat more fresh fruits and veggies
              Due to the fact that the risk of heart disease rises, the women of this age group should eat more food that is rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.  As a result, you will be prevented from bone loss.
  4. Eat Soy
    Hot flashes are one of those symptoms of the menopause. It has been investigated that constant consumption of soy will lead to the elimination in the hot flashes number. However, it has also been found that the women in the menopause state are not allowed to overeat such a food because it might cause breast cancer.
  5. Utilize flax seed
    Flax seed has been proved to contain estrogen hormone. This hormone also reduces hot flashes in women in menopause state. However, no more than three tablespoons of this food are welcome to eat because it might lead to breast cancer too.
  6. Using of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids
    The risk of heart disease increase in the menopausal period. Since the food containing the fatty acids lowers the risk of this illness, it is highly recommended to the patients.
  7. Black snakeroot
    The other name of this product is black cohosh. It also has been proved to prevent hot flashes. However, the doctors do not recommend it to everyone, especially for people with liver issues because it might lead to liver damage.
  8. Drink cold beverages
    If you want to get rid of hot flashes and night sweats, the experts recommend drinking beverages with cold temperature.  However, they don't allow to drink coffee or alcohol. Just juices and water.
  9. Get enough number of sleep hours
    During this period of your life, it is better to sleep well and enough. However, try to avoid physical activities right before falling asleep. Also, you are not allowed to drink coffee in the evening. Try to spend more time out, enjoying the sun and fresh air that will increase your melatonin level.
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  10. Give up smoking
    Smoking is definitely a habit you have to get rid of because it might increase the risk of cancer and can contribute to osteoporosis. Besides, it leads to more stress and heart disease.

To sum up, the menopause period is not a reason to panic. Moreover, it is a time when you have to take care of yourself more and do your best to prevent yourself from many problems. Therefore, do try these methods and you will observe wonderful results. Wish you feel good.

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