Massage Therapist: The Power of Scent


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People don’t realize how strongly they are affected by scents.  Yet the evocative power of a scent is dramatic.  The smell of the sea or your mother’s perfume can bring back memories and nostalgia.  The reason for this is that smells are intrerpreted by the area of the brain that is concerned with our emotions.  Scents have powerful effect on moods, so adding some essential oils to your massage oil can enhance the relaxing or invigorating effect of your massage.  Resent research testifies to the strength of this link.  Dr Gary Schwartz, professor of psychology anc psychiatry at Yale University has found that certain odors can lower blood pressure.  The scent of spiced apples has shown to be particularly effective:  It lowered the blood pressure of healthy volunteers by an average of three to five points.  Other scientific research has demonstrated that pleasant smells such as plum or peach can reduce pain, and the essential oils can change people’s moods: jasmine, ilang-ilang, and peppermint can lift depresson; geranium and bergamot despel anxiety; and rose and carnation can restore energy.  Essential oils are a complex mixture of chemicals with many different properties.  While studying how to become a massage therapist, it will help you to understand how scents of your oils can affect a mood.  Some essential oils are antibacterial, antiseptic, or anti-inflmamtory.  The diversity of claims made for essential oils, sometimes several claims for one oil can cause confusion.  A single oil may be described as both calming and stimulating.  This sounds like a contradiction, however, somone suffering from nervous tension might first be calmed by the treatment, and then with this new freedom from tension, reclaim his natural energy feeling refreshed.  Tomorrow we will look at how to buy and blend your essential oils and fragrances to maximize your massages.

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