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Remember as a massage therapist you can tailor a massage to suit any needs; even a single technique can be stimulating or soothing.  It all depends on how you do it.  A firm, brisk massage is invigorating, while slow, steady strokes can send someone to sleep.  The fun of massage is experimenting.  You never need to do the same massage twice.  Each time you massage, find your client’s needs, and give a massage to suit them.  Whether you improvise with your own techniques or follow a rhythmic pattern, we will outline some ideas and tips in this blog about how you, as a massage therapist can make each masssage a wonderful unique experience.  1) To give a good massage you need to be totally relaxed, so don’t try too hard.  If in doubt about what to do next, just stroke.  As long as your movements are rhythmic; the massage will feel interesting and relaxing.  2) The most important element of a massage is rhythm.  A rythmic massage will send waves of relaxation through the body.  3) Massage should be pleasurable, so practice on a friend who can tell you if anything you do is painful or unpleasant.   You will find it easier to learn with a partner or freind rather than by yourself, because you can try the techniques out on each other and see how they should feel.
4) Keep one hand in contact with the body throughout the massage of any area.  Ideally, your massage should feel like one continuous, flowing stroke.  5) Vary your pressure from very light to very strong.  It should be lighter over bony areas and firmer over large muscles.  Don’t be afraid to apply deep pressure; a firm touch feels good.  6) Mold your hands to the contours of the body and imagine you are sculpting the body in its perfect shape.  7) Concentrate on the massage, and do not talk much.  Your massage will be more effective if both of you focus on various sensations  8) It is never necesarry to use force during your massage; simply use the weight of your body to apply pressure.  9) Do not worry if your first movements seem clumsy.  All touch feels good, and with practice your massage will become flowing and confident.

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