Massage Therapist: Comfort


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When massaging patients and clients, your comfort is also very important.  It is easy to forget about our own needs when our jobs involve service of others.  You need to be relaxed to give a good massage, so your own comfort is extremely important.  With practice, you will learn to work without tensing your muscles. Your posture is also very important.  Keep your back straight throughout the massage, and use the weight of your body to give both rhythm and depth to your massage.  If you are working at a table, keep your feet wide apart and bend your knees so that you can lean into the strokes.  If you are working on the floor, kneel with your knees apart or, if you find it more comfortable, have one knee on the floor and the other one up with that foot on the floor.  A word of caution: Never stay in one position for long and always face in the direction of your massage strokes – face the head when working up the body, and face aross the body when working across.  Most people feel more comfortable if they have a little extra padding to help them relax while being massaged.  Use cushions or rolled up towels as suports to make sure the person you are massaging is completely relaxed.  To relax certain areas, you can place cusions in different areas, for example, to relax his/her back and stomach place a cushion under her knees to reduce the arch of the lower back.  When lying on his or her front, clients will be better able to relax thoroughly if you use cushions to make sure the spine is not uncomfortable twisted or curved.  If she is round chested, put a cushion under her chest.  Some other places you can place cushions for comfort are under his or her ankles to help the back to relax, or a cushion under the waist for a sway back.

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