Attend a Campus or Online Radiology School?


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If you are thinking of attending school to become a radiology technician, you may be considering whether to attend an online or campus-based program.  Because radiology is by nature a “hands on” skill, I want to start by recommending that you opt for a campus program.  If you want to complete your radiology education online, you may want to know about prerequisites and what you can and cannot do with an online program.

Many people are unaware that to become a radiology tech, you only need to have an associates degree, which traditionally only takes two years to complete.  Some campus schools offer classes during evenings and weekends, so if you are currently working, you may want to seek out a school with flexible class schedules, so that you can work with your current employers needs and your education at the same time.

A campus program will give you more interaction with instructors, fellow students, and will get you the exposure to the x-ray and medical imaging equipment that you will be using on the job.  Because a radiology education is considered an applied science, the actual practice with patient positioning and the use of the high tech equipment is a major part of the education and training process.

While an online program is very convenient, it is not usually the most common path pursed for a few reasons.  First, you must meet very specific requirements in order to gain admission into an online radiology program.  You must usually have prior training in x-ray technology of some kind or medical imaging in general.  Because many don’t have the prior experience necessary, by default, a campus program is the only option.  If you do qualify, an online option could be an efficient way to complete formal education.  Most online options have standard course work online, then a clinical practice requirement where you can complete certain competencies at a local diagnostic imaging lab under the supervision of a seasoned radiology tech.

If you live in a rural area, you may need to temporarily relocate in order to attend radiology school.  For those in urban areas, there may be several schools to choose from; for example, there are several radiology schools in New York to choose from without the need for relocation.  In conclusion, if you meet the requirements for an online program, go for it.  If not, consider beginning the process of researching radiology schools near you.

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