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While learning to be a massage therapist, it is important to go step by step.  We will be reviewing the basics of massage therapy in the weeks to come.  Allied Health degrees in massage therapy can be very rewarding, and that is why I have decided to focus on it up and coming.  Before you start any massage lets just think logically about the process and beginning stages, because it will set the whole tone for the massage.  In order for a massage to have the maximum benefit, it is important that it is give in a comfortable environment.  During the massage, your partner or friend should feel nourished and cared for.  Choose a warm, peaceful room with dim lights, where neither of you will be disturbed.  Have plenty of towels available to cover him or her so that only the area you are massaging is exposed.  It is hard to relax if you feel cold, or overly exposed.  In winter, it can be helpful to have a small electrical pad or hot water bottle handy to place under the back when you aren’t massaging it.  In a massage it is the most important to feel relaxed and comfortable for the patient/client, but it is also just as important that you, as the expert, be comfortable as well.  As humans we communicate in all different ways and it can be obvious, through touch, when a person is tense or unavailable.  With practice you will learn work without tensing your own muscles.  Massage should be as relaxing to give as it is to receive.

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