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Metabolism seems to include every aspect of the human body.  When considering understanding the metabolism, one must look at the multitude of different reactions that are involved.  It’s no wonder this subject has so many different categories, each with its own group of experts to explain their particular aspect to you.  In the same hospital cafeteria, you’ll find brain surgeons at one table discussing metabolism in concepts and terms vastly different then those used by the podiatrists or dietitians sitting at other tables.  For this reason, it is ludicrous to think that any one individual could be an expert in it all, and you should be skeptical of people that claim they are.  The majority of client s who want to understand metabolism really want to understand how their bodies burn calories, or more specifically, how they can burn off excess fat and gain muscle definiton through exercise.  When talking to a client about metabolism, they usually ask, Why as I get older do I gain more weight when I seem to eat the same amount of food I have always eaten?  The answer to this question involves the nature of fat, glucose, protein, enzymes, insulin, glucagon, and ATP, and describe what their functions are;  Lets start talking about fat now and we can continue the conversation in the days to come with the goal of explaining your metabolism.

Fat:  It is the body’s primary source of fuel is free fatty acids.  They are found either stored in fat cells or surfing the bloodstream looking for muscles that need to burn them for energy.  Your body, more specifically, your liver, has the ability to take any food you eat in excess of what it needs and turn it into fat.  No matter how out of shape a person is, his or her body can be taught to metabolize fatty acids more efficiently.  The results are better health, weight loss, more energy and a longer life.  Exercise, primarily aerobic, in combination with resistance training is the only practical way of teaching your body to burn fat and build muscle more effieciently.

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