Mind Over Matter


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You  can change your life by changing your mind.  It’s really that simple.  Nothing is impossible for the willing mind.  We all have the power to gain control of our lives, reacho our goals, and live our dreams.  Why does it seem so easy for some people to make their dreams come true, and much more difficult for others?  The difference, and the challenge lies in that you must locate, nurture and believe in your own ability to do so.  You MUST choose to trust your self.  Any lingering sense of inferiority or inadequacy will interfere with the attainment of your goals and dreams, and whild self confiedence and a positive attitude can lead to success in all areas of your life, you must focus your mind and keep your resilience strong.  It is imperative that you hone and train your mind as intensely as you would train your body for a marathon.  This means following guidelines, and performing some mental exercises to replace any self-defeating thoughts or behaviors.  You must not only banish these negative ideas from your head, but you must replace them with new thinking.  Then you must remove all distractions and bring mental clarity and “self-control.”  After all, it is your mind that directs and drives the choices you make and the things you decide to do (or not do.)  Be your own best friend.  Trust yourself.  Mind over matter.  You can have anything you dream of if you keep your mind focused, your motivation high, and clear goals in sight.  If an allied health school is part of your dreams, the first step is to research and decide which school best suits your goals.  Don’t hesitate to make your very own unique dreams come true.

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