LPN and LVN: Nursing Tips


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Its okay to cry.  When events evoke an emotional response, it’s okay to share the moment with your patients and cry.  Many things trigger emotional reactions; most of them are sad, but happy moments can elicit tears as well.  You may encounter other allied health professionals who prefer not to show emotion due to cultural background or different upbringing and personal makeup.  You need to be open and accepting of cultural diversity.  Likewise, they need to respect you as well.  Some people see showing emotion as a weakness and will avoid it and you at all costs.  Sometimes as an licensed practical nurse (LPN), a licensed vocational nurse (LVN), or a licensed nurse, you may have to control your emotions to maintain control over the situation and function normally.  You may need to be strong for your patient or their loved ones.  It is recommended that you allow yourself to break down and release any intense emotion in privacy at a later time.  Like stress, emotions that are stifled for too long can be harmful mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Sometimes it can be healthy to show patients that you are human too.  If you are sharing tears with a patient this can be very comforting and healing for them as for you.  Don’t bottle up your emotions by hiding them if you and a patient are on the same page.  Likewise, if you have emotions that are private and personal do not impose them on co-workers.  It would be healthiest to release these on a break or in a private setting.  The allied health field can be both taxing and rewarding due to the sensitive nature of the profession.

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