Becoming an Ultrasound Technician


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Becoming an ultrasound tech starts with being sure that the career is the right choice for you.  Having greater than average hand – eye coordination and a willingness to gain a strong knowledge of anatomical structures is a must for this profession.  Another important characteristic is to be able to have a calm, caring, and professional demeanor when working with patients.  If you have the chance, it is recommended that you reach out to someone currently in the profession and ask them more about the reality of the job, the challenges, and the rewards.

Once you know ultrasound is for you, its time to start researching schools offering sonography programs.  The proper term for the professional who performs the images is Diagnostic Medical Sonographer.   In order to become a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, you must complete a minimum of an associates degree in an accredited program, then become certified through the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS).  Because the work involved in sonograms is very “hands on”, it is very difficult to find online programs unless you have prior experience in medical imaging.  Campus schools are the most common method.

During school you will get both traditional classroom knowledge, sonogram technology training, and clinical practice.  Expect to take courses in anatomy and courses on technique for performing the procedure.  Many schools allow you to choose from a few specializations such as abdominal, obstetric, or vascular sonography.

Upon completing your formal education and certification, you will want to begin applying for entry level positions at hospitals and imaging labs.  Many instructors are happy to be listed as references on your resume, so be sure to leave a solid impression with your former instructors.  Now you know how to become an ultrasound technician and start a lasting and rewarding career with opportunities for expansion and advancement.

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