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I just discovered a new website that has tons of information on radiologists, and how to become a radiologist.  I think it would be wise to reference it occasionally since it could be just one more resource to discover all you need to know about radiology, and also which radiology schools to attend.  The websight has everything you would want to know and some of the categories it offers are information on all the different levels you can achieve in education as a radiologist.  There are three levels that they touch on including an associates degree, certification, bachelors degree, or a radiologist masters degree.  There is also quite a bit of valuable information about careers.  When you become a radiologist, it is helpful to know that you can use it as a degree to compliment another such as nursing.  Some examples of careers they educate potential radiologist students on is the typical radiologist technologist degree, medical assistant with limited X-ray capabilities, X-ray technicians (which is just another way of saying radiologist technologist, Ultrasound technician, MRI technician, Nuclear medicine technologist, radiologist assistant, radiologic nurse, and a radiologist M.D.  Becoming a radiologist technician may just be your first step in learning and embracing your dreams.  You may want to grow in your profession to learn all different aspects of Allied Health Fields.  The more education and experience you have, the more options that will be open to you.  While exploring your options to become a radiologist technician be sure to check out, for tons of helpful information.

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