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Exploring Radiology Degree Options:
So you are thinking of getting started in the field of radiology but unsure which degree option is right for you?  In the past, hospitals created informal training programs for employees interested in working in their radiology division; however, as national and state standards have begun to emerge, more formal training programs for radiology have become available through colleges, universities, and vocational technical schools.
For those seeking entry-level positions in radiology, an associates degree is the most popular choice due to the relatively short amount of time required in school.  There are some radiology certificate programs that will prepare you for entry-level work; however, these usually fall short of preparing you for national certification through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) and are sometimes not accredited through the Joint Review Committee on Education for Radiologic Technology (JRCERT).  If you are seeking the professional title of Radiologic Technologist, you will need to complete a formal education that is accredited by JRCERT, then pass the test administered by the ARRT.  In order to accomplish this, most students opt for an associates degree, which should sufficiently prepare you for the test and allow you to confidently enter into the field.
Another option is to complete a radiology bachelors degree, which is not necessary for entry into the field, but will provide you with a deeper level of instruction and ultimately, more knowledge in the field of medical imaging as a whole.  A bachelors degree is a good option for those looking for leadership and management roles as well.

Masters degrees in radiology are usually pursued by those looking to attain the role of Radiologist Assistant, which is an advanced level radiology professional that works closely with Radiologist M.D.’s and assists with diagnosis in complex scenarios. Start your search for the radiology degree that is right for you and kick start your career in the fascinating world of medical imaging.

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