Phlebotomy Schools: Blood and Fainting


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In many instances people are squeamish about blood, especially their own!  I am assuming since you have gone into a profession that deals with only blood, this is not the case for you….but what about your patients.  What should you do if someone is scared to have their blood taken and resist, or get sick, or worst yet faint.  Some people are afraid of blood because your body has associated blood in the past with pain; the sight of your own blood has usually involved pain.  Your bodies response incorporates a natural defense mechanism and a patient may feel faint or nauseous.  It may also be that needles terrify them.  Reassure patients that you have been trained to hand and use hypodermics and IV needles prior to injecting the patient.  Let the patient know that a needle is simply an instrument to help you assist the patient in getting well, and alleviating pain.  Use compassion with each patient and communicate all throughout the process.  If the patient is afraid they will faint, place them in a chair and encourage them to look away.  Sometimes it is helpful to me to bite on something or squeeze a towel with my other hand.  Some of the reason I personally don’t like giving blood is that I have such small veins.  Sometimes it has taken nurses upto five tries to get my blood.  I am always a little skeptical when I see a nurse coming towards me with a needle and a rubber tube to take my blood.  Phlebotomy schools will teach you how to deal most effectively with patients.

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