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Nurses, LPN’s and LVN’s should plan on being advocates for their patients, but also need to remain professional and careful not to influence them at all times.  If a nurse, LPN or LVN are working with a patient whose physician is often difficult to work with, you need to follow physician orders and care for all  patients with equality.  You should never express or share an opinion to a patient or a patient’s family members.  Plan to remain professional at all times and keep personal opinions to yourself.  If a patient brings up a complaint, the only comment you should make is to remind them that they have choices and options and leave it be.  While performing duties as a nurse, LPN or LVN patients might ask you to recommend a physician, but this is not a good idea.  You can provide them with the names of several doctors to choose from, but it is in your best interest to remain unbiased.  Each facility may have rules that forbid making recommendations, and in that case, you must tell patients to call a physician referral service or other resource. On the other hand, if a patient ever complains of violence or verbal abuse, employers can hold you liable for not reporting it.  Always check into the proper steps to reporting any issues of that regard.  Many hospitals have instituted policies and rules that require physicians and nurses to document and report any sort of abuse that a patient may complain about.  Protect your self and your employer by being aware of and following your facility rules closely.

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