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National Standard and Regualtory Agencies – The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organization is one of the key players in bringing quality assessment review techniques to healthcare.  The JCAHO also referred to as the Joint Commission, is a voluntary, nongovernmental agency charged with, among other things, establishing standards for the operation of hospitals and other health-related facilities and services.  Presently, it is the largest healthcare standards setting body in the world, accrediting more than 15,000 healthcare organizations.  Current Joint Commissions standards stress performance improvement by requiring the facility to be directly accountable to their customer.  This means that all departments of a healthcare facility are required to have ongoing evaluations of their activities and customer expectations.  To evaluate and track complaints about healthcare organizations relating to quality of care, the Office of Quality Monitoring was created.  Information and concerns often come from patients, their families, and healthcare employees.  A complant may be submitted by the online complaint submission form that will go directly to the Joint Commission over the internet or by summarizing the issue in a letter of no more than two pages and providing the name, street, address, city, and state of accrdited healthcare organization.  When a report is submitted the Joint commission reviews any past reports and the organization’s most recent accreditation decision.  The Joint Commission then will: Request fromt he organization a written response addressing the concern, Incorporate the concern into the performance improvement database that is used to identify trends or patterns in performance, conduct an on-site, unannounced assessment of the organization if the report raises serious concerns, about a continuing threat to patient safety or a continuing failure to comply with standards, and review the reported concern and compliance at the organization’s next accrditation survey.  Please click on the link above if you are interested in learning more about the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations.

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