Personal Trainer Certification


Posted on 3rd March 2010 by admin in Uncategorized

Is Personal Training for you?  It used to be that the image of a personal trainer was the meathead at the gym, who had been working to chisel his body for years and finally decided that he should try to make some money at it…..helping others look like him.  While that may still be the scenario in some cases, personal training has evolved considerably over the years.  It has especially evolved to include women in the scenario.  There is tons of research and knowledge that is updated everyday due to the internet, and more and more people are recognizing the importance of knowing what you are putting into your body and furthermore….making sure to get enough exercise since many Americans spend a majority of their time trying to make ends meet and dashing from one place to the next.  Many of us now spend a large amount of our time in front of computers or in an office setting….sitting.  Most personal trainers now a days are considered to be health and wellness professionals.  They go by many titles including, but not limited to, fitness instructor, fitness conditioning specialist, fitness instructor, strength and conditioning trainer, and personal trainer.

I have had a very positive experience with my personal trainer Michael McKinney.  He works at Bally’s in Bellevue Washington.  When we first started I was 25-30 pounds overweight and my body muscle mass had deteriorated considerably since I was spending a majority of my time at a desk and eating what was around.  I worked a high stress job and just started packing on the pounds. He changed my body and my life. Personal trainer certification will not only change your life, but every client you help following.