LPN’s: Dating Doctors


Posted on 30th March 2010 by admin in Uncategorized

As an LPN, licensed practical nurse, the etticate is clear about dating doctors.  Although it is tempting, try to resist.  If you are dating a doctor, or anyone in a more powerful position within the facility, you will most likely be seen as a brown noser.  Any advancement or promotions you might receive will probably be seen as special favors and not something you earned.  Keep that in mind.  Dating a co-worker can create distractions as well.  You might find yourself spending a great deal of time trying to steal moments to be together and alone or to discuss plans that could wait for after hours.  If you are fighting or unhappy with each other, you can find yourselves being inappropriate to each other.  Dating co workers can also put you in a competition with others who may have shared a relationship with this person before, or someone who is jealous of your relationship.  If you’re going to date a physician or other coworker, keep these points in mind.  1) understand your facilities rules first, 2) Be discreet at all times and avoid public displays of affection, and 3) Never disclose private or intimate details about the relationship or about your partner to your co-workers.  I have a friend who was an LPN and got into not only a relationship with a doctor, but he happened to be married as well.  Although this may have provides some excitement and mystery into her life, that she would not have normally had, it ended up affecting her job.  They were discovered, and she ended up being the one who had to leave her position.  No affair is worth losing not only your job, but a reference, and the respect of your co-workers.  My advice?  Proceed with caution!

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