LPN’s: Bedside Manners


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Bedside manner is one of the primary responsibilities for a LPN/LVN. LPN’s or licensed practical nurses jobs tend to be more task oriented then their counter parts the Registered Nurse.  They must do the analysis of patient health issues and consider medications and how underlying conditions might relate to health issues the patient may be experiencing presently.  Often older patients might have several conditions that need considering.  Thereafter, many of the tasks that a registered nurse might request can and will be performed by LPNs or LVN’s.  Some examples of these tasks may be pushing IV’s, hanging blood, hanging chemo or titrate drug.  Each state is specific about which tasks should be performed by LPN’s and LVN’s, so it is wise to research these expectations and requirements if you are interested in attending an LPN school.  LPN’s and LVN’s are a key element to the care of patients.  It is also a very high demand field.
Registered nurses usually perform the initial assessment of a patient. LPNs can also perform their own assessment, but the initial assessment must be performed by a RN. LPNs may also work in conjunction with RNs in patient assessment. The RN is responsible for formulating the diagnosis of the patient and makes plans for their care. In addition, a RN establishes a care plan and initiates the nursing actions to provide care. LPNs/LVNs will be primarily responsible for seeing that the patient care plans formulated by the RN are put into action. Registered nurses can delegate nursing measures to a LPN, but the LPN can only accept those tasks which are within their scope of license/practice in the state they work.

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