LPN’s and LVN’s


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One of the highest demands right now in the Allied Health Industry is LPN’s and LVN’s.  LPN is the acronym for licensed practical nurse and LVN stands for licensed vocational nurse.  Lots of people seem to hold the opinion that if you are not a Registered Nurse, then you aren’t really a nurse.  This is an incorrect assumption.  All professionals in the Allied Health Field are needed and useful.  Just because LVN’s and LPN’s have a different name then a registered nurse, doesn’t mean that they are any less important when caring for patients.  What is the differences then?  Depending on the place of employment, LPNs are often under the direct supervision of a RN. These two types of nurses often work together to get things accomplished.  In instances of home care, a licensed practical nurse may be required to call and report or get approval from a registered nurse prior to making changes to a patient’s healthcare program. Overall, the job of a RN is more comprehensive medically than that of a LPN.  A licensed practical nurse is more task oriented and a registered nurse’s job is often more comprehensive.  This is why the expectations tend to be a bit higher for RN.  They are held accountable for the decisions made while LPN’s would only be accountable for the tasks they were asked to complete. In a medical setting, LPNs and RNs may have similar duties; but an registered nurse usually has more medical responsibilities. For the specific legal differences, refer to your states nurse practice act.  We will talk more about the job responsibilities of LPN’s in the next blog.

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