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Today we will be talking about Nursing Informatics.  What is it?
Nursing informatics has become one of the more rapidly growing fields in the Allied Health industry.  In essence, nursing informatics bridges the gap between IT professionals who develop software for the clinicians that use it.  The medical industry continues to change, and like medical billing and coding, nursing informatics aims to meet The Federal Government’s demand to make all health records electronic. In the beginning IT professionals designed software for the clinic employees to use when entering patient information into the computer.  Unfortunately, this was not a fool proof plan because while technology staff were indeed successful at developing software that would help track information, they only had a limited understanding of the work that clinicians did. It became difficult because even though the software worked, it did not address all the nurses needs.  The system design and development processes continues to be overall beneficial,  but there are also obvious perks to incorporating nursing informatics professionals to assist with the understanding between IT and clinicians using the software.  It has become obvious that using nursing informatics in the development of software saves money and time for everyone involved. Nursing Informatics helps IT professionals develop software for nurses that take into account workflow, and the partnering of clinics.  Learn more about nursing informatics and how you can study to join this field.

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